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Crasher - zak1998
Your LFS Username: TGXtrucker
Offender's LFS Username: zak1998
Description of the incident: Deliberately crashes into me after a race incident on turn one, first lap. Things got heated after he acted dodgy and I couldnt avoid contact on the previous race and the one before, and he pushed me to the grass deliberately
Replay / Screenshot link:
Replay timestamp(s): Towards the end, last couple of minutes.
Hello Nick,

Username zak1998 added to the ban list for 3 days...

if you have more replays of his doings, upload so that I can judge better and maybe extend ban.

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I thought I was recording it for the duration of the session but for some reason it restarted after the race restart. He did this to me at least x2 before but I can't prove it so all I can do is just thank you for this.
Yeah, the replay temp.mpr file resets after every race - if you want to save each replay, hit 2 to bring up the save dialog, and then name the file. You should try to wait until the end of the race if possible - if you save an .mpr part-way through the race it only saves to that point, and you can't re-save it again at the end of the race.

On the other hand, if you are unfairly banned you can go to the mpr folder in LFS/Data and rename the temp.mpr file to something descriptive, so you can use it as evidence. You need to do this before joining any other servers though, otherwise it'll be overwritten straight away.
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