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Hacker oba003 (Türk)

Your LFS Username: JOPIMAN123
Offender's LFS Username: oba003
Description of the incident: I saw him getting spectated for security (speed) and watched him in the next race. In my eyes that is clear speed hack.
Replay / Screenshot link:
Added to the banlist for 999 days.

If you ever see "raphsn" online tell him to learn how to ban. He banned 4 different version of his name because he doesn't know how to format a ban properly.

'!ban <length> <username> "<reason>"'
!ban 999 jopiman123 "Giggles"
Instagram : YouTube
Seven's garage:
1998 Yamaha XJ600N Diversion
1997 E50 Nissan Elgrand 3.3 LPG
1991 Yamaha XV400 Virago Bobber Project

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