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Report #N°3 Bye AntonR
Hi AntonR, tnx for this report.

This is a perfect example of a new racer. Not to lfs, but I would say quite new to any racing type of games. To make matters even worse, his lag was quite high.

There are many clues. He does not have a car setup and uses the default one (I hope he had race_s set). His tires kept locking in every turn. By looking at how he actuates the controls for steering, brake and gas, we can see that he uses a wheel as the controller. Very possibly some nice ffb wheel like G29 but I can not be sure.  All controls were quite smooth, which you can not see for cheap wheels. If you take a closer look at his ingame wheel, you can see that he uses a high wheel turn, like 720 deg for XFG. He was not able to do the full lock without crossing or switching hands. These are good settings, but not for a beginner. His engine kept stalling when he loses control, indicating that he was using a manual clutch. His gear shifting was ok, so I can not say if he also has the H-shifter. This was pretty much a recipe for disaster. I'm happy that he didn't ruin anyone's race. Ofc it would be completely unintentionally since the guy was just trying to handle the car. Most probably, he is under the age of 18 and has no real driving license, because it looks to me that he has no idea how to drive a car. He was way beyond disrespect of other racers. One first needs to get the hold of car control and only then race with others - giving them respect.

Once he managed to roof the XFG in S turn, he thought: "hey this car is stupid, let me try the other one". Yes, another bad move, only calling for more carnage. The story here was even worse, which you can already tell by the way he exits pit - a donut straight away. He had no idea what a rear-wheel-drive XRG car is and how to handle it. He was overcorrecting all the time and kept flooring the throttle while doing donuts. Typical behavior of a kid having fun while using an ffb wheel for the first time in a good sim.

To conclude, no retroactive actions needed. This guy was not a deliberate crasher and didn't directly ruin anyone's race. He was in desperate need of help to set up the wheel, game, car set, some driving tips and so on. Given that it was already evening which we call "prime time", present limads should have given him a warning "practice offline first". On the other hand, depending on the mood in the server, some help directed towards him would'be been nice as well. Eventually, removing him from the server by kick would be a good idea, to prevent further mayhem. The guy was clearly trying to do the full wheel sim experience, which is very nice. I hope that when he shows up in our server next time, he will get help and will have an enjoyable driving experience, not causing any trouble.

I leave this report open,  for other "racing crash investigators" to do their magic Smile
AA™| rane

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