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Possible crasher - DarticRcfYT
Hello friends, tonight I was racing on [AA] FBM server since our servers (MRc) were empty. In the race start I believe i was forced out of track by DarticRcfYT. I got caught napping in the start and he proceeded to overtake me from left side, not leaving space to me and taking both of us out. He then called me idiot and said that I should have braked. I'll link the .mpr below for you admins. In my opinion he should have looked at mirrors.

here's the mpr:

Edit: Unfortunately I didn't see his LFSWorld username

Edit 2: The incident begins at 0:20

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Possible crasher - DarticRcfYT - by WebSlave - 04-14-2018, 05:32 PM

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