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Musician, Gamer, Computer Nut, Theater Technician, Mountain Biker


Name: Matt Streeter
Gender: Male
D.O.B: September 10th 1997
Occupation: Event Technician
Location: Leeds, United Kingdom


I was born in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. I lived there for a couple months before moving to the United Kingdom where I was raised in Yorkshire. My hobbies include playing guitar, drumming, driving and gaming. My favorite radio station is an Amercian station in Virginia called FM99 which I listen to online. I love coffee almost as much as I love animals, I have a black Labrador cross-breed called Tilly and I also keep tropical fish.

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Read about my school life here. Includes studies, thoughts and feelings, etc.

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Read about my love of music, how it impacts me and more.

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What do I do specifically in technical work and why do I do it? Read about it here.

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What else do I do in life? Read about my outside life here.

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More details of the services I provide including reviews of my work.


I studied at a 6th form in Yorkshire where I obtained 3 AS and A2 levels in IT, woodwork and technical theater. Qualifying top of my class in IT I have a proven knowledge of computer hardware, media editing and websites. During my lighting course in technical theater I had opportunities to use effects such as LED, strobes, smoke machines, scanners, moving heads and music equipment all at industry standard. During my time at the school I trained three further people to become technicians. Our school rig was very basic but in my time I built it up to something bigger and better.

In woodwork my task was to design a product specific for a target market. I was to plan, design and build the products which gives me skills in working with my hands. I can use all these subjects to put to use in theater and events as well as many points in life. The first product was a workstation with storage space and the second was a custom-shaped bench for the 6th Form.


Music has a huge impact on my lifestyle. It's weird to grasp that the way I am is to do with music...

I am crazy about music. As a kid my mom played Guns 'N' Roses a lot in the house. My earliest memory of listening to good music would be around age 4 playing board games in the living room with G'N'R or Nickelback in the background. Around this time I was coming out of my bedtime story 'Puff The Magic Dragon' stage and was listening to Rock music on my MP3 player. After using the internet properly at 10 years old I came across great bands, becoming hooked on them. I picked up guitar properly at age 13 and jammed with a good friend of mine, challenging each other to get better. I started playing the drums at this age too, really getting heavily into music. I discover new bands all the time. Music is my inspiration, it helps me work, it's motivational, relaxing, it kills time. I wouldn't be where I am without music giving me this feeling that 'Yeah. I can do this.'

ADVERTISEMENT: SoundCloud - Dan Clarkson, the "good friend" adding more music to my collection.


I started working with computers properly in 2012. In April 2012 I ran a few successful Minecraft servers as a branch from the original TiddleyCraft Server. It ran for three months and during this time I learned how to manage the configurations, understand basic troubleshooting, organization, communication and gave me the inspiration to be more unique with technical aspects of servers.

Around July I started fiddling with an old computer. It's an old RM harddrive that I still have and is still functioning running an early build of Windows XP. After taking it to pieces, looking at every piece I learned more about the workings of a computer, all the components which taught me how to assemble them, fix them and judge which parts are good or bad. I currently build my own systems and help with friends too, technical things really interest me.


Outside of everything and music I enjoy mountain biking and driving. Ever since I was free to roam on my first good bike and go longer distances I've loved being out on my bike. I've taken my bike many places, ontop of large hills, long tarmac road routes, dense forests and I absolutely love it. Someday I want to go to France and take on some of the downhill biking trails I've seen in YouTube videos. Miles of hillside, weaving in and around trees, flying along gravel tracks. It's all a big kick for me.

I think I just love playing around with things and seeing how they work. I also enjoy fishing. It wasn't until September 2012 when I got my own fishing gear, a basic rod, tackle and some bait and went down to the local fishing lake. I liked sitting out in the sun and occasionally catching some fish. It was relaxing and I always enjoy a good conversation with anyone about things I am passionate about.

Other Works

On top of my work with gaming servers, I have always been an avid contributor to online communities. I have always taken pleasure in being with gaming communities, helping how I can and seeing them grow more. Usually this would be in simple moderation or management tasks, giving me various skills in working with people and problem solving and progressively my projects got larger.

In April 2015 I joined the community team of a large trucking enthusiast forum "TruckSim.org" as a moderator. The role was simple, help the members of the forum and process threads to keep the peace. As real life got a lot busier for the founder and manager, I offered to take the reigns until he had more time to put in - it was a big task but I couldn't see such a friendly community trickle away. In September 2015 I officially became the joint manager of the community with the second in command at the time and I will continue to aid its growth.