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Reckless driving: Miklós divebombs into me - Managan (Habby) - 05-04-2018

Your LFS Username: DJdarksilver (Habby)
Offender's LFS Username: Dengar (Miklós)
Description of the incident:
Incident occurs at 2 minutes 8 seconds approx (replay time)
Lap 2. After exiting turn 1, I proceed to overtake Miklós and rpploe. After that, I take the lead of the 3-car pack and we head to turn 2. 
After braking, I proceed to close the door. As I saw in my mirror, rpploe was far enough to do it. What I didn't saw, was Miklós car heading to the inside at full speed. He hits me and nearly hits rpploe. His uncontrolled car almost takes out the leader too. 

Maybe, this is far from being a "crasher" situation, but what kinda annoys me is the move itself, and the fact that he didn't recognise his mistake later.

Replay / Screenshot link:

Imgur album with screenshots:

Replay timestamp(s): 02:08

RE: Reckless driving: Miklós divebombs into me - Vim Fuego - 05-04-2018

Not a "crasher" situation, as you say, but just as in real-life racing, you are entitled to raise a protest with the track officials and have them judge your opponent's actions and behaviour.

Dengar gets a 3 day ban for the stupidly bad overtake attempt, and the obnoxious response.